Corporations and Executive Coaching


At the Corporate and business level, Anita Astley’s clinical background has been a great asset in identifying business vulnerabilities related to interpersonal relationships and ineffective modes of organizational communication. She has worked closely with management personnel and executives to help create a positive work environment by improving relationships with co-workers and supervisors; helping them design and implement processes that are the most effective in maintaining a balanced work force with a positive morale. In addition to promoting wellness at organizations, Ms. Astley has also coached high level executives in balancing their careers with family life, stress management, personal relationship issues, and over all well being.  In addition, Ms. Astley is  trained in Crises Incident Stress Management (CISD). She has been called upon by various business organizations to help manage employee stress related to crisis situations such as employee death, robbery, and suicide.  Anita Astley’s  corporate/business services also include, but are not limited to, providing the following:


Executive Coaching

Diversity Training

Work/Life Balance

Importance of Laughter in the Workplace 

Crises Incident Stress Management