Anita Astley’s passion lies in helping people get through some of the most difficult challenges in their lives and promote personal wellness.  She believes that every one can aspire to reaching their full potential with the assistance of professional consultation and guidance. Over the last 15 years Ms. Astley has helped individuals, couples, and families live the life that they have always envisioned rather then being “stuck” in their “unhealthy repetitive patterns”. Her success in helping others move from “problems to solutions” stems from her integrative, active, and solution focused approach.  She has worked successfully in helping people struggling with a wide variety of issues including depression and anxiety, grief and loss, trauma, PTSD, sexual abuse, gender dysphoria, eating disorders, addictions, anger management, conflict resolution, and  gender identity to name a few.

Ms. Astley’s multicultural background (Indo-Canadian-American) has also afforded her the opportunity and privilege of working with a diverse population in three languages; French, Hindi, & English. Her clinical experience in working with this distinct population include challenges related to migration, bi-cultural identity, integration and assimilation, language, and inter-generational communication, to name a few.

Treatment Options

Individual Therapy

aa-girlChanging relationships with others starts with changing the relationship we have with  ourselves. Through meaningful, constructive, and guided introspection we can finally begin to explore, identify, understand and accept our “authentic self” and make the necessary changes to play a different role with others in the world.

Let me help you write a new narrative, one thats full of hope, happiness and success.


Couples Therapy

aa-coupleCouples therapy is a unique opportunity to share some time with your partner in exploring, understanding and resolving  the issues that keep you “stuck” in destructive unhealthy patterns. Problems are not considered to be embedded in one partner over the other but in the drama that’s co-created. Over the years, Anita Astley has worked successfully with couples struggling with infidelity, infertility, separation and divorce related issues, intimacy challenges, conflict resolution, communication struggles, boundary issues, addictions, illness, division of labour problems, and parenting conflicts to name a few.

Let me help you get “unstuck” and move forward in your relationship and teach you more effective strategies for communication and conflict resolution.


Family Therapy

aa-familyFamily Therapy is a very distinct specialty in the field of psychotherapy in that the problem and solution are viewed in a holistic framework.  A recent study conducted by the Amercian Association of Marriage and Family Therapy found that this particular therapeutic process had the highest rate of efficacy in helping families to  develop and maintain healthy boundaries, foster cohesion and healthy communication amongst family members, promote problem solving through understanding family patterns, build understanding and empathy, reduce family conflict,  in addition to numerous other positive outcomes.

Anita Astley has successfully helped numerous families challenged by trauma and loss, school challenges, divorce, step family issues, parenting conflicts, boundary setting, relocation struggles, illness in family, adolescent behavioral problems, and dealing with the very prevalent issue of  setting boundaries for technology.

Your family is important. Lets work on  making  it  stronger, more cohesive, more happy, and improve everyone’s overall  commitment to family solidarity.


Group Therapy

aa-groupIf your looking for a supportive and safe environment and interested in learning  from others struggling with similar challenges, group therapy is an option. There is power in numbers! The benefits of listening to other people’s narrative and attempted solutions can prove to be powerful and helpful in finding strengths and resources within yourself; all of which can lead to building stronger and healthier coping strategies.  Another benefit of group therapy is the “accountability” factor. Irrespective of the presenting problem, having others to be “accountable to” is a powerful tool in trying to achieve a goal. Group Therapy sessions offered by Building Healthy Relationships LLC.,  are “closed” , meaning all members begin at the same time; group sessions run for 12 weeks with 2 hour weekly sessions. Space is limited to 10 people. Below are the topics for up coming group therapy sessions.

Relationship Anxiety

The Power of the Mind in The Journey of Weight loss: Moving from ” Emotional Hunger to Mouth Hunger 

The power of the mind is a large part of achieving our goals.  Get the support you need from others embarking on a similar journey with similar goals. Learn from others about their challenges, attempted solutions, and successes, in a supportive, safe, and non judgmental environment.

Contact Anita Astley for group dates and  registration. 


*Anita Astley is committed and dedicated to providing services in a safe, confidential, nonjudgmental, warm and nurturing environment.*